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Manufacturer Permit Application

This application is used by companies to apply for a permit to receive NSLC approval to operate in the Province on behalf of liquor manufacturers. Products are to be sold to THE NOVA SCOTIA LIQUOR CORPORATION. Operations are to comply with the Province of Nova Scotia LIQUOR CONTROL ACT, REGULATIONS and POLICY GUIDELINES., NS Cannabis Control Act and Bill-45, The Federal Cannabis Act.

Please note that permits expire annually on December 31

Applicant Information

Manufacturer Information

Select Permit Types

Type of Permit Permit Fee ($)

Corporation Information

If this is your first year registering, please supply Registry of Joint Stock Companies registration information.

Please complete the relevant information

Premises Requirements

List all premises occupied by the Company (include all locations, street address, and purpose i.e. plant, warehouse, etc.) where alcohol will be used and/or stored.


Manufacturer Details

Yearly output of product

If necessary to obtain alcohol or wine spirits outside the province please advise the supplier's name, complete address and quantity required

Hospitality Room Details

Important Note: The Hospitality Room must be located on-site at the facility. A Fire Marshal's Fire Inspection Certificate Or Letter of Approval, including occupancy load, must accompany this application. Products must be listed with and purchased from The Corporation.

Select product(s) required for hospitality room

Declaration Information

Declaration of Applicant

I understand and acknowledge that the information provided by me on this Application is true, complete and correct, to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that a false statement may be considered sufficient reason to withhold or cancel my registration.

I understand that by issuance of this Permit, my responsibility and obligation to adhere to the Nova Scotia Liquor Control Act, Regulations, and Policies & Procedures as well as any special conditions and changes which may, from time to time, occur.

I acknowledge and accept that the NSLC may choose to disseminate contact information contained here for business purposes.

My signature below indicates I understand and acknowledge that the Agency named in this application accepts full responsibility for its sales representatives and demonstrators for the NSLC In-Store Customer Tasting Program and has fully trained all participants involved in the tasting (demonstrators & representatives) on the NSLC’s In-Store Customer Tasting Policy & Guidelines.

I declare that I am at least 19 years of age.

Select Payment Type

The application fee can be paid by cheque, money order, cash or credit card. Cash transactions can only be made in person at the Head Office.